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Rycom SnapTrack 512hz Sonde Locator


  • Rycom Instruments SnapTrack Sonde and Line Locator can locate any brand of 512Hz Sonde and Sewer & Drain Camera equiped with a built-in 512Hz Sonde.
  • Rycom SnapTrack locator is always locked on 512Hz sonde mode when started unless user goes into ”Programmation” to change locator to other frequencies, which is not needed in plumbing/drain locating.
  • Automatic on-screen depth of sonde, also good for multi-frequency location and undergroung live electric wires (no transmitter needed for electric wiring) when programmed for it.
  • New feature: on-screen bar gives you direction of line telling you if pipes/conducts turn to left or right. Precision with ease of use makes the SnapTrack an essential tool for your inspections!

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  • Rycom SnapTrack Digital 512hz Sonde and Inspection Camera Locator/Receiver, 10’ depth location in metal pipe, 15’ depth in plastic pipe, shows depth on screen, line direction and orientation for precision, ease of use.
  • Multi-frequency modes when coupled with 3-watt or 10-watt SnapTrack Transmitter (sold seperatly).
  • Uses 6 x c batteries (included), batteries last for about 40 hours of work. The Rycom SnapTrack receiver is always set on 512Hz sonde mode and will not change as long as you do not enter into programmation to change its mode.
  • Video is a tutorial of Rycom 8873 model which was previous to SnapTrack model, the functions are very similar for use, SnapTrack has one new feature with the on-screen line direction bar. This function will show you if a 22-degree elbow is present or if line is turning to left or right. It makes sonde locating easier for users to locate sonde. With these features, SnapTrack Locator is an essential tool for your plumbing/drain inspection! 
  • 1-Year Limited manufacturer’s Warranty (4 years when registered on Rycom Instruments Extended Warranty Registration website). Padded Carrying Bag and Owner’s Manual included.
  • Free tutorial of how to use unit is offered when purchased, in person or through video call. Practice is the key to get good at locating and is required before going out on a job to locate sonde or sewer camera.
  • Contact us 7/7 days including nights and weekends, we’re always there to answer your questions!


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