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Forbest Camera Skid-SP-C23 23mm Camera Head Skid


  • Sewer Drain Inspection Camera Head Skids, compatible with Forbest Pipe Camera.
  • New model Skid-SP-C23 in 2 pieces, made with strong plastic, protects Camera Head from hits and centers it in 3 and 4 inch pipes.
  • Its Oval Shape helps easy turning in 22.5 to 90 degree Elbow Fittings, screws easily and strongly on Camera Head with no risk of losing it.
  • Only fits on Forbest CHD-C23/CHD-C23F 23mm Camera Heads without Self-Leveling Feature. Please see Skid-SP-C23D for Compatible Skid that fits Self-Leveling CHD-D/DT-C23 Camera Head.
  • We aslo ship in USA from California and Delaware, if you are an American customer, please call us, we will be pleased to sell any part or Drain Camera set at the best price, we accept Visa/Master Card/Discover only.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in