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Hathorn H12-LR-3143-SL Wi-Fi Drain Camera


  • The HDEP 300′ Push-Rod is the best in the industry, coupled with our top of the line H12+ Control Module will last for many years!
  • Color Self-Leveling camera head 1,43”, P-Trap skid included, other skids in option
  • 300FT Industry leading HDPE 1/2” premium push rod also available to up to 500FT on special order.
  • Municipal Grade camera reels are built North American Tough and Rugged, making it’s Solidity a Legend!
  • On-screen footage counter with reset by simple button located on reel.
  • ACL VividHD  12,1” – Daylight view, shatter resistant, offering
    the best HD quality image in the industry with numeric zoom up to 8X
    • Video Recording – MPEG4 –  RCA outlet, USB or Wi-Fi
    with Stream/Record PipeSTREAM™ (Hathorn® V4 app for Apple or Android)
  • Full-Size keyboard for writing up to 8 pages on your video recordings.
    • Lights – Adjustable camera head LED lights
    • Audio – Built-in Microphone and Speakers
    • USB – 1 x 0,5 A port USB 2.0
  • System will save your recording even with power failure or low battery.
  • Transfer your saved recordings from HDD to USB Flash Bar in few minutes.
  • External 18V battery compatibility, Milwaukee™ M18 or equivalent for up to 4 hours autonomy with H12 module!
  • Come see us for a demonstration or contact us, we’re always available to answer your questions
  • 512hz/640hz sonde control, simple activation, causing no statics in image.
  • 1-Year limited warranty against manufacture’s defects. Financing available through Lease-To-Own plans  at low rates everywhere in Canada, please contact us!
  • We’re always ready to take your calls even night/weekend and answer your questions!
  • Ask us for a Quote, it’s the best way to get a prefered price on your Drain Camera!

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  • The Hathorn® H12+ pipe inspection system offers a municipal grade product that is aimed at the residential plumbing, contracting, and home inspection markets.
  • This all-in-one system comes equipped with your choice of 200ft. of premium cable and Hathorn camera heads, all with bright LED lights, adjustable with H12 module.
  • The H12+ has an impact resistant 12.1″ LCD screen having twice the brightness of comparable inspection cameras in its class.
  • It will operate in any light condition, including direct sunshine, providing stunning picture quality. 
  • The H12+ allows the user to save videos and screen shots to the internal 128 Gb hard drive (upgradable to 512 Gb for $500.00) or USB, operate in three menu languages and extend your 18v external battery runtime with the built-in Hathorn battery extender feature.
  • It will also automatically save your videos before powering down due to low battery or power shortage! The H12 is trusted by many to deliver dependability and portability with a full one-year warranty.
  • The Hathorn® H12+ is in a class of its own with the brightest daylight readable 12” LCD screen in the industry.  It has almost three times the brightness of the leading brand providing stunning picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital “pan & zoom” technology revealing details missed by other lateral push cameras.
  • ​The new H12+ has menus in three languages  (English, French and Spanish), compatibility with all Hathorn reels from 100-500ft, unique information bar and text overlay options, two sonde frequencies (512Hz & 640Hz) and industry leading file storage.
  • The H12+ comes standard with a 128Gb hard drive which is upgradeable to 512Gb allowing the user to save MPEG videos and JPEG screen shots to either the HDD or to a USB stick. Wi-Fi is included on the H12+ 
  • ​Powered by 18V Milwaukee™ (or equivalent) batteries, the H12+ will run up to 4 hours on a single charge and automatically save your videos before powering down. Batteries sold separately.
  • One-Year Limited Warranty against manufacture’s defects.

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Weight 90 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 19 × 37 in