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Forbest 200′ CHDR-3388E Push-Cable and Reel


  • 200′ de 8mm Forbest CR-3388E Cable and Reel with stackable revolving shelf .
  • Support built with strong Stainless Steel resistant to corrosion, Wheels and removeable handle.
  • C40E Camera Head, Spring Kit, Skid-SP-C40 and Video Connection Cable Included.
  • Camera can work with CHD-C40E and CHD-C28PT (sold seperately. Foot/Meter-Counter included with reset to zero button.
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  • 8mm strong push-cable for long distance inspection including foot/meter-counter and reset to zero with locking device to prevent cable unrolling.
  • Push-Cable and Reel with CHD-C40E Camera Head, SP-C40 Skid, Spring Kit and video connection cable included.
  • Strong support made of Stainless Steel , resistant to corrosion. Wheels for easy transport. 
  • Stackable Control System on revolving shelf for best angle of view. Removeable handle can be lowered down for easier transport.
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


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Weight 54 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 30 in