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About us

At JR-Draincam, Rene is commited to give you the best advice about Forbest Sewer Pipe Inspection Cameras or parts to better suit your needs. After all those years selling Forbest products (since 2011), we know the products, their functionalities and, according to model, advise you towards the puprpose they’ve been built for. JR-Draincam will be pleased to give you training on how to use your tool for recording videos, photos and voice, locating the sonde, and all you need to know to be able to use it to the maximum. We are located at 6209 rue Des Hêtres, Vaudreuil-Dorion, J7V 0K2 and you must take an appointment before getting here to see our products, we’re also available nights and weekends. At JR-Draincam we know your drain camera is an important working tool, we put all our effort to repair and return your unit in a short delay, not like some known comptetitors who take 1, 2 and even 3 months to return units to customers.

Forbest products have greatly improved over the years, and their engineers are constantly working to bring better products and novelties at affordable prices. JR-Draincam keeps many parts in stock for your convenience, and as company is located in Toronto, Canada, as well as Freemont, California and Newark, Delaware, in USA, getting parts is easy if ever we don’t already have them in stock.

Forbest has been on market for over 25 years, the brand is advantageously known in the industry for its great quality products. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any question or need more information, our # 1 goal is to give best service before selling and best after-sale service. Do like hundreds of clients who bought our Drain Inspection Cameras as; Energir, MTQ, Kiewit, Veolia, Hydro Quebec, Services de Rebuts Soulanges, Towns of St-Sulpice and Beaconsfield, Cegep Beauce-Appalaches, many certified plumbing and Drain Cleaning companies, Excavation contractors, French drain specialists, Civil Engineers, and much more! We also ship everywhere in Canada, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, etc.

We are now an authorized Hathorn Corp. dealer for Quebec province and Canada. Since 2003, Hathorn Corp. builds High Quality Drain Cameras and always use innovations to upgrade their products. Built in Canada, their cameras are renowned all over the world for being tough and reliable with a high quality image. Weither it is for the Shater Resistant and daylight readable VividHD screens, for their Wi-Fi technology or their industry leading HDEP covered Push-Rod, Hathorn Corp. aims are very high to offer a second to none Quality Drain Camera!  We have a few models for demo at our showroom and can deliver any model in a short time everywhere in Canada, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a demo, we are always ready to answer your questions and give you the best advices for your needs.

With JR-Draincam, You are Never Left Alone!