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Rycom Instruments 512hz Sonde Transmitter


  • Rycom Instrument Stand Alone 512Hz Sonde can be located by any brand of 512Hz Sonde Locator. Can be located up to 13′ deep in Cast-Iron, 17′ deep in plastic pipes. 4 units available on 25/09/2023.

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  • Rycom Instruments 512hz sonde. Exceptional cast iron penetration with a 13-foot signal range and 17′ in plastic pipes.
  • Threaded end caps for attaching to push rods, size ¾’’ x 3’’ long.
  • Rugged design with potted components in an impact resistant compound.
  • Rounded heads and tails prevent hang-ups, works with all brands of 512hz Sonde Locators.
  • Operates over 4 hours on one AAA Battery (battery included).
  • Multiple Frequencies designed to work with all common locators (call for 8khz or 33khz other frequencies than 512hz), 6-month manufacturer’s limited warranty.
  • 4 units will be available on 27/09/2023.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in