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Supereye S3800 Professional Precious Metal Detector


  • SuperEye Gold Metal Detector

    • Adjustable Metal Detector: the stem adjustment range is from 43 “-54”. 
    • Waterproof Large Search Coil: the coil has excellent water resistance, making our products very easy to use in any season and weather. Perfect for outdoor, such as lawn, courtyard, beach, etc. (Note: the control box is not waterproof).
    • Easy Assembly & Lightweight: 4.4 lbs after easy installation. Easy to find treasures such as silver, gold, jewelry, artifacts, etc., especially suitable for precious metals such as small particles of gold
    • Multi-functional: 5 operation modes to choose from. Adjustable sensitivity (>9.8”, for a quarter of dollar), pinpoint function, discrimination mode and 4 audio mode. The 18 KHz operating frequency makes it easier to detect small particles of gold. Equipped with a large back-lit LCD screen(2.75” x 1.4”), intuitive and easy to view and operate.
    • Matching & Cool Design: It can be connected to stereo headphones. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack (excluding headphones) and requires 4 AA batteries (NOT included). 


    1. 18KHZ operation frequency
    2. 5 modes available: metal, discrim, memory, custom and jewelry
    3. Pinpoint target indication with 12 types of depth (2″,4″,6″,8″,10″+)
    4. 8 sensitivity levels
    5. Four sound variations
    6. Auto Ground Balance
    7. 210mm open waterproof search coil
    8. Backlight 12KHZ Sensitivity
    9. Cordless design
    10. 40 hour run time with low battery indication
    11. Three flexible and dismountable shafts for comfortable use and carry
    12. Plastic
    13. Uses four AA batteries (not included)
    14. Measures 23″ W x 62″ L x 15″ H
    15. Weighs: 1.8 lb.
    16. 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
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  • The S3800 is a portable 18KHZ high frequency Gold metal detector that can identify size and depth of gold metal as well as distinguish between different types of metals under the surface. Target ID uses two digits to convey information, showing material and size of treasure. Light weight design and adjustable stem makes the S3800 a top choice for all age ranges of treasure hunters.

    Comes Complete with 216.mm (8.5”) Waterproof Search Coil, Adjustable – Telescopic Stem (43″-54″), Locking Nut, Padded Arm / Hand Rest, Built in Speaker, Headphone Jack, Operators Manual

  • * Operation Frequency: About 18KHZ
    * PINPOINT; 8 levels of signal strength
    * Backlight LCD display: 75*38mm
    * Type of target: 12 types
    * Sensitivity: 6 levels
    * Auto Ground Balance
    * Power Supply: 4xAA Batteries
    * Batteries Not Included
    * Headphone Not Included
  • NOTE: Please note that this model is mainly used for detecting precious metals such as gold, and may NOT be suitable for detecting ordinary metals such as cast iron.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 6 in